About Us

My wife and I have been incredibly blessed by our recovery community.  Through it we have built the lives and relationships that we always dreamed of but never thought possible.  We have been abundantly rewarded both spiritually and financially.  Because of this we are compelled to give back.

We both enjoy serving our community through sponsorship, volunteering and service work.  Our non-profit allows our community to support each other even more.  A key component of our recovery and new healthy life together has been through our participation in trauma healing workshops.  My wife attended “InnerPath” at Cottonwood in Tucson, AZ and I attended “Survivor’s Week” at The Meadows in Wickenburg, AZ.  These are incredibly effective programs run by experts in mental health.  Unfortunately, because of the widespread damage addiction causes, many times the people who need it the most can’t afford treatment.

Scholarships for Survivors was founded to help bridge the gap for those with a financial need to get the healing they so desperately desire.  Just as 12 Step recovery isn’t for everyone, our financial aid is intended specifically for those willing “to do whatever it takes” to get well.  There are many who wish their lives would change but won’t put in the hard work to make it happen.  There are no free rides in recovery.

Our Board of Directors supports men and women in long term recovery in the Greater Seattle Area who work a solid 12 Step program, participate in a men’s or women’s recovery group, have the backing of a sponsor, and approval of a recovery coach or therapist to attend these treatments programs.  We want to make sure this is a “hand up” not a “hand out”.

There are many deserving people in this community who need our help.  If you have the desire and ability to support our cause, please visit our Donation page.  You can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly contribution to make sure that the painful effects of trauma are healed in a safe and supportive environment for those that need it the most.

Since my wife and I cover the admin costs, every dollar you donate goes directly to treatment fees.  The candidates provide for their own travel and accommodations where necessary.   In the last 10 years we have awarded over 40 scholarships to well-deserved people in recovery!  Will you help us send the next person?